5 tons of trash is picked from Tisza-lake at the first Plastic Cup competition of the year from Tiszafüred until Kisköre. The race was really tight, but Middle-Tisza Water Authorities (KÖTIVIZIG) defended its title from 2019. Ökosabb ended up on 2nd place, also got the Hero of Tisza award. Organizers want to say thank you for all the attendants, volunteers, partners, supporters, local governments and associating groups. 2nd Tisza-lake Plastic Cup was patronised by János Áder, president of Hungary, and supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM).

M.V.PETényi mothership is fully packed with bags, photo: Plastic Cup / Enikő Kubinyi

The area was familiar for the pirates: the route was the same from two years ago, between Tiszafüred and Kisköre. 11 teams have taken part, 3 old and 8 new teams attended, compiled from friends, colleagues and club members. Lot of trash came – especially from Ukraine and Romania - with the january flood and these piles were visible even from the canoes. As they got to land, inside the forest, the pollution was enormous. Special, secured water and land areas were cleaned, but the amount of pollution requires further actions.

Ships and boats on the river, photo: PET Kupa / Vanda Molnár

1222 bags of trash picked from the river and its area

The teams fought with great diligence and perseverance, but mostly against the mosquitos. During the three days, teams and volunteers collected 1222 bags of trash. Organizers have been paying attention to the thorough selection and recycling since the first competition. Teams took part in this process as they sorted the trash on the land or on board. Teams got credits for the bags, but for ‘superbags’ (a bag with same colour, uncapped plastic bottles) teams got 4 times more credits.

More than 50% of the trash were plastic bottles, but members found fridges, televisions, insulating, and dangerous (paint, oil barrels) materials.

Thankfully for the public services, processing companies, also for the innovative solutions, Plastic Cup became the largest river recycling civil activity. Trash picked up around Tisza will be sorted in 14 groups and 60% of them will be recycled by Hungarian services, just like in the past years.

Sorting at the end of the day at Tisza-lake, photo: PET Kupa / Vanda Molnár

Everyone won and nature can take a deep fresh breath

The winner team, Middle-Tisza Water Authorities (KÖTIVIZIG) collected 253 bags of trash. Winners got their Plastic Cup prizes from recycled materials. ÖkosaBB, who ended on second place, put up a big fight, but just came up short. Members of Budapest Bank got the Hero of Tisza-lake award for the most collected trash. Decathlon, who attended first time, finished on 3rd position. Their price was presented by Mr. Tibor Nemcsek, Chief Executive of National Waste Management Service Ltd. (NHSZ).

Teams not just have to fight against each other, but occasionally they face unusual situations, where they have to work together. Plastic Bankers awarded teams with credits, acknowledging their fair play actions. Most fair play credits were collected by a new team, DHL Clean Up Hungary.

Awarded teams at 2nd Tisza-lake Plastic Cup

  1. KÖTIVIZIG / 14.700 credit
  2. ÖkosaBB / 12.285 credit
  3. Decathlon / 7500 credit

Hero Of Tisza-lake: ÖkosaBB, team of Budapest Bank – the team who collected the biggest amount of trash

Fair play award: DHL Clean Up Hungary

Big clap for the rest of the teams, volunteers, and for the young pirates from PetkUP team.

A new, trash picking boat helped the teams – what was sponsored by ITM. Another older ship, called PETényi, what was built by community donations, assists the volunteers. This mothership is a crucial member of Plastic Cup events for five years, since it carries around 1,5-2 tons of trash day-by-day. A complete refurbishment became necessary this spring. Organizers got an extraordinary assist from members of Endurance Mission 3.0: their Danube expedition raises the awareness of the importance of our living aquatics, and the income helps to renovate PETényi.

Teams: KALL Ingredients, Funrafting, Debreceni Környezetvédők Tásasága, TidyUp, Green Guide, Prezi, AIT Desks

KÖTIVIZIG, 1st placed team, photo: PET Kupa / Péter Varga

Without whom this would not be possible

In trash management, the main sponsors of the event are Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises and NHSZ Tisza Nonprofit Ltd. A Hungarian trash mapping applications help the pirates’ daily adventure. Konasoft helped to present a new application what collects all the mandatory information for the attendants. SONAR Upper-Tisza Diver and Water Security ensured the security for fleets. DHL Logistics Ltd associated in transportation and logistics. Winners were awarded with packages, provided by Zöldbolt. Plastic Cup organizers would like to acknowledge the support of Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology and local governments.

The battle continues

Organizers make effort to help the attitude of governments and citizens across the borders too, near the Tisza source. Furthermore, they want to improve the waste management so problems can be erased from the very beginning. To achieve this, Mr. Gergely Hankó, Project manager of the Plastic Cup, also president of Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises made a presentation on the next day at the “Contribution across borders for Tisza” conference. After debating the results, experiences, problems, attendants accepted a proclamation about the protection of environment and aquatic areas.

Organizers, Termé Association would like to complete two more competitions this year: at Upper-Tisza in August, and on Bodrog river in September. Even though the registration is over, volunteers who would like to do something for their environment and rivers are welcome for the oncoming programmes.

Videos from the event: made by Termé Association

Trash collecting

II.TIsza-tavi PET Kupa - első nap a vízen

📢A csapataink vízre szálltak és Tiszafüredtől Tiszaszőlősig tisztították a Tiszát és az ártereit! A szakaszról több mint másfél tonna hulladékot emeltek ki, a petkalózok munkáját szúnyogok hada követi szoros emberfogásban. A lelkesedés, a versenyszellem és a csípések száma folyamatosan nő! 🦟⛵️💪

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2021. június 13., vasárnap

Ship building

II. Tisza-tavi PET Kupa - Építés

Épül a II. Tisza-tavi PET Kupa flottája! ⛵ Tiszafüreden készül 11 csapat a holnapi rajtra, hogy az idei versenyszezon első bevetésén megtisztítsák a Tisza-tó Tiszafüred-Kisköre szakaszát! Pattog a szárazjég, feszül a palack, épülnek a hajók! 💪😎

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2021. június 12., szombat

2nd Plastic Cup was organized by the support of Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.


Ministry for Innovation and Technology