Our Sponsors

The main sponsor of the Plastic Cup is the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Innovation, modern waste management, awareness raising and education for sustainable lifestyles are top priorities for the Ministry. The Plastic Cup touches all of these areas and, with its unwavering enthusiasm, attracts more and more people every year to clean up the river. We hope that their hard work will bring a positive change in the waste management of the upstream countries as well.

Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Having environmental and nature protection as one of its responsibilities, the Ministry of Agriculture monitors and promotes the development and application of new methods and procedures that serve the conservation of the environment. We prioritize monitoring and supporting the initiatives of waste generation prevention and of environmentally sensitive voluntary work that improves environmental awareness. That is why we have been sponsoring the Plastic Cup for years: it has become a cross-border cooperation aiming at preventing and decreasing the pollution at the Tisza.


The Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary attaches great importance to the conservation of live waters. Thus it appreciates greatly the efforts of the Plastic Cup and offers its expertise to support the professional round table discussions organized by the initiative. The Office also sponsored finishing and releasing the documentary entitled “Üzenet a palackban” (Message in the Bottle) to help raise awareness and offer a more in-depth education on the importance of water conservation.

Köztársasági Elnöki Hivatal

Sustainability is one of the core values of the International Investment Bank (IIB) and attaches great importance to the preservation of natural values. That is why the IIB has been supporting projects for this purpose since 2015. In 2019, the tender was awarded to the project 'Clean Water, Happy Tisza', where PET Pirates will monitor the Tisza from the source to the Danube, along 5 countries, while conducting research and measurements. More about the "Plastic Pollution Prevention Project - Clean Water, Happy Tisza, in short: 4P project".

The members of the Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association (Magyar Ásványvíz, Gyümölcslé és Üdítőital Szövetség, MAGYÜSZ) are corporate citizens producing mineral water, fruit juices and soft drinks, and one of their main missions is raising awareness. The members of the Association wish to employ the model of circular economy, thus they react proactively to the challenges of conservation, and support the selective waste collection of plastic bottles and other packaging materials. The member companies of MAGYÜSZ are committed to supporting the recycling of selectively collected waste. That drove the Association to launch its online, educational, fresh and youthful campaign in 2017, which encourages selective collection of plastic bottles, and to support the Plastic Cup on the Tisza.

The members of the MAGYÜSZ are corporate citizens that are committed to supporting the selective collection and the recycling of waste.

Magyar Ásványvíz

The primary international philanthropic arm of the Coca-Cola company is the Coca-Cola Foundation. The Foundation has been operating since 1984 and has returned more than 1 billion dollars to communities all over the world in the meantime. The Foundation funds our Zero Waste Tisza project. In 2019, Coca-Cola Hungary decided in favour of supporting the efforts at cleaning the Tisza River. For long they had regarded reducing, collecting and recycling packaging materials as a matter of great concern. The Zero Waste Tisza project presented an opportunity to expand their participation and to spread their activities to other areas.

Henkel Magyarország Kft.

Henkel Magyarország Kft.

Henkel considers its commitment to sustainability as one of its core values. We employ a global sustainability strategy, which covers each and every one of our activities all along our value chain from the partnership between production and consumer to supporting local charity organizations and the environmental involvement of our workers. The partnership between Henkel and Waste Free Oceans is the greatest manifestation of our efforts in fighting plastic waste. Another welcome, landmark step towards that goal is that we have joined the Plastic Cup, which enables us to actively participate in cleaning-up the Tisza and its floodplain forests while drawing attention to collecting and recycling plastic waste in an exciting and adventurous way.

Henkel Magyarország Kft.

TheJOINTISZA project aims at bringing the integrated Tisza catchment area management plan up to date, while focusing on the catchment area and aligning with the main measures of flood prevention. The project is planned for a two-and-a-half-year period. It will facilitate the cooperation of the five countries along the Tisza and international organizations, involving experts on river basin management, water resource management and flood prevention. The JOINTISZA project will be implemented within the framework of the Danube Transnational Programme between 2017 and 2019, owing to the sponsorship of the European Union and Hungary.


The Association of Environmental Enterprises is an organization safeguarding the interests of Hungarian enterprises in the green industry. It has 230 members, all with a sense of responsibility for the environment and readiness to act upon it. It includes companies designing, building, manufacturing and offering consultation on services and/or on manufacturing products in almost every field of environmental protection – including climate, noise, air and soil protection, waste, sewage, damage control, renewable energy, etc. – as well as research institution, laboratories and universities. The Association and many of our members support the Plastic Cup initiative.

Association of Environmental Enterprises

Messer Hungarogáz Kft. offers quality entertainment at events organized at the Tisza beach. Pál Tóth physicist, researcher and performer at Fizibusz,gives scientific and educational lectures on the special characteristics of plastic bottles, and he also has a crucial role in energizing shipbuilding and the inevitable volley of bottles.

Messer Hungarogáz Kft.

Supporting clean hearts and water brings purification of our environment. Several of our colleagues have personal experience abut PET Cup's high-level mission and we would like to help growing of this mission not just personally but at corporate level as well. That's why we decided to support financially the waste collection boat races.

NBG Masters Kft.

In addition to participating in the Plastic Cup of 2016, Siemens offers financial support to aid the year-round fight against waste. Huge thanks to the environmentally aware management team and the enthusiastic workers!


The campaign of Adjuk Össze produced the nest-egg necessary to bring the idea of the Waste Eating Wasteship to life! We are very grateful to everybody who pitched in!

Adjuk Össze

Holofon Inc, one of the leading companies in waste management in Hungary and a specialist in recycling plastic waste, sponsors the organization of the Plastic Cup every year!

Holofon Zrt.

The support of Büchl Hungaria enabled launching the First Waste Monitoring on the Tisza.

As an innovative, competent and performance-oriented organization, our main concern is to return recycled waste to the material cycle. The selective collection of waste, the modern waste management and the accumulated expertise help us take a leading role in implementing waste management technologies. For us, the satisfaction of our partners and the cleanness of our environment are the greatest values.” (Árpád Gömöry, managing director)

Büchl Hungária Kft.

FŐTÁV Private Co. Ltd. is the biggest district heating provider in Hungary. Today, they provide 238,000 flats and 7,000 other industrial consumers with district heating and cooling, as well as with warm water. Their Chimney-Free City programme – aiming at connecting housing complexes, modern office blocks abiding by the highest environmental standards, trendy public buildings and even the downtown of Budapest to the heat ring of district heating – proves that district heating has entered a new phase, and is bringing smart future to all of its consumers. Combining green efforts with social responsibility, the fleet of the FŐTÁV Private Co. Ltd. will represent the company again at the Plastic Cup of 2018, hoping that as the flagship of heating and cooling providers they will attract more actors of the sector.