Survival guide!

Hereby, you can find a list of necessary equipment for a week on the river. It is the adaptation „Gulyó’s list” based on thousands of years of expereinces from canoing camps complemented with a few whatnots by PLASTIC Cup.
  • Sleeping bag, camping mat, tent for every 2-3 person, hammock (optional)
  • Two changes of warm clothes, raincoat, extra pair of shoes, pair of waterproof shoes, cap against sunshine, bathing suit, sunglasses, binoculars, earplug (against loud music), flashlight, headlamp, machete (optional)
  • footwear that you can use in water (waterproof shoes, rubber boot, hiking sandal or similar) and does not leave your feet. In strong stream is not advised to move in bare feet on stones and sludge not knowing what is in there.
  • First aid box (analgesic, Betadine, band-aid, Fenistil, anti-allergic), sun cream, mosquito-repellent, wipes, toilet roll, (if you are on regular medication, then don’t forget your dose for 10 days!)
  • Tooth paste and brush, soap, towel, clothes
  • Smart phone in waterproof bag to make photos and locate dumps (install the app TrashOut), powerbank (electricity is not available in all locations), charger, jack-knife or swiss knife
  • ID or passport, and don’t forget travel insurance
  • we’ll cook for you but you need to bring your cutlery (knife, spoon, fork) and plate/small bowl in that we’ll serve your dinner – non-fragile and heat-proof, metal bowls are the best, in a waste picking action we are not providing disposable items but provide options for dish washing
  • metal mug for your morning coffee
  • water-bottle
  • Waterproof packaging for your daily package (that you need on the boat), that can be either special water-proof bags, strong plastic bag or plastic barrel.
  • Keep the amount (weight and volume) of your package limited, we can either transfer that by car between the locations or need to be wrapped in water-proof and transferred on your boat.
  • Good and safe shoes, see above
  • Bag and gloves will be provided by the organizers
  • Cap against sun, sunglasses, rain coat, water-proof bags
  • Water at least 2 litres daily per person, it’s easy to get dehydrated on the summer sun on the river
  • Each boat will be provided by the organizers with paddles, ropes, anchor, safety jackets and all necessary equipment