Volunteers are the engine of Plastic Cup. All the organizers and helpers devote a lot of time and energy to the common mission, which is to clean up our life-giving river, which has shaped our culture, our home and our climate for millennia.


We are looking for volunteers who want to help Plastic Cup. We can use help in many areas, because there is much to do. Sign up if you’d like to be part of these things as a PET pirate:

  • research, writing articles
  • helping us with international contacts, communication
  • translation to Ukrainian, Romanian
  • participation in the Plastic Cup exhibition: construction, setup, working at the event
  • helping with the annual Plastic Cup, organizing the race, collecting and handling all that trash

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to improve the condition of our rivers and wants to actively call attention to the importance environmental protection. We also recommend it for college students in environmental studies, those who like water sports, green-collar workers, and everyone who just want to spend a week playing pirates on the Tisza for a week!


Contracts: our volunteers sign waivers, where they agree to take part under their own responsibility.

Call or write us if you are interested!



Ministry for Innovation and Technology