Aside from the annual PET Cup race and trash collection, we have also started a systematic survey and location of the severely polluted areas.

We felt like we needed to know the enemy better to effectively combat it. Trash monitoring is done by volunteers, wo use a mobile phone app, TrashOut. This is publicly available, which makes handling locations and amounts easier and more coordinated. Throughout the year, we organize trash-collection expeditions and teambuilding exercises. We are a dedicated member of the app, so now anyone can join team "PET CUP" to enter trash mounts into the system under our flag.

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2016-os felméréseink eredményei

We've so far surveyed 160 polluted locations on the Upper Tisza and have cleared 21 of those, thanks to the many elping hands. We are seeking further supporters and grants for this project, looking to make our work more effective and organized. Our findings are used by water management authorities, who also lack complex data and information about the gravity of the situation.

PET szemétszedés
PET szemétszedés

One of our biggest waste monitoring mission was made possible by the support of Büchl Hungaria Kft, during which we mapped an 80-kilometer section under the direction of Sonar Diver Group. And with the help of the OKTF National Waste Management Directorare, we were able to clear one of the most heavily polluted areas.

The water and mud samples we collected from the vicinity of the flood plains waste was examined by Wessling Hungary Kft., which found phthalates, a byproduct of plastic production, at more than twice the health limit.

We'd like to continue the monitoring and exploration and we need your help to do that!

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