Plastic Cup 2020 competitions are open for applications

Organise a team and choose your favourite event from the Plastic Cup competitions announced for 2020. If you would like to participate in other Plastic Pirate events or start your own action, let us know on the Plastic Cup 2020 application form.

Which competition will you choose?

Bodrog Plastic Cup

This is the first time we organise a competition at the tributary of the Tisza, although the Bodrog is not unknown territory for us. Last year we celebrated the World Water Day there with 300 pupils. According to our plans, the Bodrog waste derby will be similar to the competitions on the Lake Tisza: it will have less participants and shorter programmes than the main race at the Upper Tisza.

Lake Tisza Plastic Cup

2nd Lake Tisza Plastic Cup

12-16 June 2020

Following the great success of the 1st Lake Tisza Plastic Cup last year, we will also uphold the traditions at the lake. The participants will enjoy a nice family atmosphere and interesting wildlife, with smaller fleet and shorter race than those at the Upper Tisza.

 Upper Tisza Plastic Cup

8th Upper Tisza Plastic Cup

1-9 August 2020

We recommend our traditional and longest competition to enduring and undaunted pirates. Although the scenic land resembles the Amazonian rainforests, our experience suggests that there are always huge amounts of waste on the upper section of the river.

Application form

Deadline: 15 February 2020

Evaluation of applications: 21 March 2020


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