3rd PET Cup – Results

We’ve all come out as winners! We’ve fished out 2.5 tons of waste from the Tisza.

We were SO eager to get going!

We had been preparing for it for months. Planning. Organising. Fundraising. Recruiting teams. It was the third time we set out to do it, but we had set our eyes on greater goals than ever before and we were all the more determined. We knew we were about to try something extraordinary: cleaning places that are home to unique wildlife while experiencing great adventures.

„It is a historic moment in the Hungarian environmental practice: the first successfully conducted micro-plastics sampling” – said Gábor Bordós, project manager of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

The representatives of WESSLING made a promise in Vásárosnamény during the 2. Tisza Roundtable, that they will do random examinations in river Tisza. According to the results, there are 4.9 pieces of particles between 300 micrometers and 2mms and 62.5 pieces of particles between 15 and 300 micron in 1 cubic meter in Tisza. This data is significant in terms of the international results, because in the range bigger than 300 micrometers there are 0.3 particles in 1 cubic meter in the Austrian area of river Danube, 1-4 particles in Italian lakes, and 15-20 particles in the industrialized parts of Rhine. In view of this data it is possible that millions of microplastics floating down Upper-Tisza hourly!

How was all this possible?

The task took well-built PET boats with courageous crews. We weren’t short of willing PET pirates this year either: the race started with 16 boats manned altogether by 100 pirates. The authorities of villages and towns along the river helped our efforts – especially those of Vásárosnamény, Zsurk, Révleányvár and Cigánd. Our generous sponsors contributed not only with money but also by kitting out their own PET boats. The loot, that is, the PET bottles collected by the pirates, were selected and trampled flat by enthusiastic volunteers. The Regional  Refuse Disposal Non-profit Ltd. undertook the transport and recycling of the collected waste.

We’ve set a whole new record

2.5 tons of collected waste, including more than 30 thousand PET bottles!!!

You were all fantastic! We’re glad you’ve joined us and helped us fight the ubiquitous PET bottle!

Special thanks are due to the MeglePETés team of Cigánd for helping us clean up the PET fleet itself after the race!


The winner of the Cup this year is Schneci – the team of Schneider Electric of Szigetszentmiklós


Tilos, the team of the Planet Error program of Tilos Rádió


Tisz(t)aPET, the team of Vásárosnamény

The winner of the Environment Protection Trophy: Aztakeservit, the enthusiastic team of AztaKeservit.com

PETpenguin winners: Marhajó PEThajó, Petúnia, PETológia

And the others, without whose participation it wouldn’t have been the same:

PET Shop Boats – Csakpet, PETdzilla, Prezi-Gödöllő, CsaPETmunka, MeglePETés, Honeto-Ökologistic.

Sponsors, partners

Ministry for Innovation and Technology