Bottles up, Hungarians!

The 2016 PET fleet

PAPILIO, Fesztivál-Pet, Obi van KENUbi, Bandisztán, EvezőSÖK, TISZA 2, MeglePETes 2, Kutyavacsorája, Aztakeservit, Schneci, PETemplom -- or in other words, the 2016 PET Cup fleet. PLASTIC BOTTLES, we're coming for you! With our boats made of plastic bottles, we'll paddle from Szatmárcseke to Tiszamogyorós, cleaning up the Tisza river along the way.

Drawing: Aztakeservit boat blueprint -- the team is taking part in the Cup for the second time, having won the environmental protection special prize in 2015

Drawing: The 2016 boat blueprint of Schneider Electric, last year's Cup winner

We can count ourselves lucky in Hungary, with our abundant clean drinking water (for now…). Clean and healthy water is the foundation of life, one of the most important parts of the ecosystem. PET Cup aims to shine the light on the importance of the cleanliness of our waters and of preserving the natural values they sustain. We have created a tradition with PET Cup, a demonstration that this enormous task can be tackled in a playful, creative way.

This year, PET Cup pirates will build their boats in Szatmárcseke before they set out on a journey that will cover almost 100 kilometers. The fleet will paddle down the Tisza river from June 4 to June 9, all the while collecting waste from the water and the riverbanks.

How a PET boat is made -- the 2015 Tilos Radio team

NEW IN 2016
PET Cup has grown tremendously in the past years. This growth is a joint achievement of the tireless organizers, an army of volunteers, the support of cities and towns along the river, the cooperation of authorities and our corporate sponsors. This mutual effort shows the breadth of support for the case of the Tisza river. Back in early June, PET Cup forward scouts mapped out the course of the 2016 edition, discovering major waste mountains and trash fields. Their work will allow the pirates to deliver precision strikes against the plastic bottles this year. We are confident that we can beat last year's record of 3 metric tons of waste. For June 30, the day before the launch, we organized a great pre-collection event: starting from the port at Jand, we'll clear the most polluted riverbank section, then after a selection process the usable bottles will be built into the boats.

We are proud to have an increasing number of volunteers helping the fleet's work. They will assist in selecting and compacting waste. Nyiregyháza Regional Waste Management Non-Profit Kft. has agreed to handle the transportation as well as the management and preparation of the waste, which means that the recycling of usable trash will also be taken care of.


PET Cup was dreamed up by the creative minds behind It is a grass-roots initiative, which has earned the support of non-government organizations, companies and authorities, thanks to its ability to marshal the energy of the cities and towns along the Tisza and the power a positive example. PET sailing is the exciting adventure of a lifetime and its teambuilding aspect has earned the support of a growing number of Hungarian companies.


The lead sponsor of PET Cup IV is the National Waste Management Directorate.

Büchl Hungária Kft.
Filmdzsungel Stúdió
Holofon ZRt.
SONAR Búvárcsoport
Schneider Electric
Siemens Magyarország
Térségi Hulladék-Gazdálkodási Kft.
WESSLING Hungary Kft.
Vásárosnamény Város

And much, much more help: Partnereink