Three trash competition were announced this year by Termeszetfilm.hu Organization, founder of Tisza River Plastic Cup. Free spots were taken in a short time, and the first race on Tisza Lake is about to start. Teams will race from Tiszafüred to Kisköre from June 12th to 15th on their ships made by themselves from plastic bottles. This area is familiar for all the plastic pirates as they cleaned the same area from 3 tons of trash. Furtermore they organized cleaning activites last fall within the programme called ’Clean the country!’ along with Middle-Tisza Water Authority. 11 teams started the competition, with Mr. János Áder, President of Hungarian Republic, as the main patron, also the Ministry of Innovation and Technology as the main sponsor.

The usual competitions with plastic ships is now an inevitable element of cleaning the surroundings of Tisza river. The organizers announced the events at spring. Two events in summer will be held on Tisza-lake and Upper-Tisza, one will be in autumn on Bodrog river.

The decreasing pandemic situation helped the planning and organizing, to be just on time with preparation of the event in June. Last autumn, 7 tons of trash were collected around the lake, but visibly the floods in January and May brought vast amount of waste from Ukraine and Romania

said by Zsolt Tamás, director of Plastic Cup, main organizer of 2nd Tisza-lake Plastic Cup.

Domestic and foreign initiatives in the Tisza’s catchment basin

The long-term contributition of water authorities and plastic pirates helped to clean the forests around Tisza. Furtermore, Plastic Cup expands its international connections, in order to inform and help more families, schools and professionals with their programmes.

Our goal is to improve the attitude of the people and local governments around Tisza’s source area, and implement a better waste management, so we can erase problems from the very beginning – added Gergely Hankó, project manager of Plastic Cup, president of Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises.

In the past several weeks, within the programme of 5 countries 1 river, Plastic Laboratory (MüMü) travelled all the way from schools at Zakarpattia Oblast to Sárospatak. 2nd Tisza-lake Plastic Cup also hosts the international meeting, what is organized within the project of TidyUp/From Source To Mouth. Plastic Cup’s attendants share their experience and knowledge with parnters from Danube region, also lecturers from the Vienna residence of BOKU present information about the recent results of researches in micro-plastics.

Visitors are welcome

Event starts on June 12nd Saturday, at Tiszafüred, with building the plastic ships. Followed by the official opening ceremony on Sunday 9.30 a.m, ships will set sail from Morotva Biker Restplace, what is provided by the local governement. Event is secured by Upper-Tisza Diver and Water Security, who are taking care of the members of Plastic Cup since its 2013 start. Visitors who want to meet with the volunteers and are enthusiastic about environment and cultural programmes are more than welcome.

Trash application for the attendants and visitors

In trash management, the main sponsors of the event are Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises and NHSZ Tisza Nonprofit Ltd. NHSZ Tisza provided almost 30 m3 of plastic bottles for building the main body of ships. A Hungarian trash mapping applications help the pirates’ daily adventure. Konasoft helped to present a new application what collects all the mandatory information for the pirates, like registration, programmes, points and rankings.

A new, trash picking boat helped the teams – what was sponsored by ITM. Another older ship, called PETényi, what was built by community donations, assists the volunteers. This mothership is a crucial member of Plastic Cup events for five years, since it carries around 1,5-2 tons of trash day-by-day. A complete refurbishment became necessary this spring. Organizers got an extraordinary assist from members of Endurance Mission 3.0: their Danube expedition raises the awareness of the importance of our living aquatics, and the income helps to renovate PETényi.

Trash picked up around Tisza will be sorted in 14 groups and 60% of them will be recycled, just like in the past years.

Thankfully for the public services, processing companies, also for the innovative solutions, Plastic Cup became the largest river recycling civil activity

said by Gergely Hankó.

Closing and prize giving ceremony will be held on June 15th from 3 p.m at Kisköre Beach.

Teams (Ships): AIT Desks, Debreceni Környezetvédők Tásasága, Decathlon, DHL Clean up Hungary, Funrafting, Green Guide, Interreg, KALL Ingredients, KÖTIVIZIG, ÖkosaBB, Prezi, M.V. PETényi mothership and PETII

Plastic Cups current results: 115 plastic ships, 165 tons of trash (equals with 2.056.000 pieces of plastic bottles), 403 discovered polluted area, 67 cleaned area

2nd Plastic Cup was organized by the support of Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.


Ministry for Innovation and Technology