Four hectares of Nature 2000 floodplain area got rid of litter cover

Our latest action was the cleaning up of a four hectares area of Nature 2000 floodplain forest covered mainly with plastic bottles. In three days, we collected 1200 bags of litter from the spot along the river Tisza between Vásárosnamény and Tiszaszalka. First time in the history of PLASTIC Cup we applied an industrial baling machine that compressed 12 000 bottles only into 21 bales. Next to the clean-up, we monitored 70 kilometres of the Upper-Tisza to record the dumping situation and mark hotspots in order to prepare for our annual summer race.

We are grateful for the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the assistance of water authorities and the hard work of the volunteers!

And now the results:

Despite the harsh weather, 50 volunteers and water authority staff worked for days between the 678 and 679 river kilometres of Tisza river (between towns of Vásárosnamény and Tiszaszalka), in order to clean up the accumulated litter in the floodplain. Apart from the annual summer clean-up race, the PLASTIC Cup team is active during the whole year by organizing clean-ups and monitoring actions. The reason for this timing? During winter, there is no leaf canopy and underbrush that would hide the dumps! Based on earlier monitoring and experiences, the floodplain forest near Tiszaszalka is the most polluted area at the Upper-Tisza. From four hectares of Natura 2000 area we removed 1200 bags of litter!

During the clean-up selective collection, sorting and compression are main objectives, respecting the traditions of PLASTIC Cup. With the help of the waste management utility, the usable fraction of is delivered to the recycling companies. Half of the collected and sorted litter is suitable for recycling.

told about the experiences Gergely Hankó, the waste management expert and project lead of PLASTIC Cup.

In this sense, a total of 60 m3 usable waste was collected. Thanks to the Upper-Tisza Water Directorate, an industrial baling machine compressed 12 000 recyclable plastic bottles into 21 bales.

We improved and advanced in the field of waste monitoring by marking an investigation area of 10x25 meters in the floodplain forest. Here, the experts studied the contamination of the area by registering the collected waste by type, composition and number. From the results of this investigation, we expect to get comparable results with coastal polluted areas, as this survey methodology has already been applied there.

Parallel to the forest clean-up, experts of PLASTIC Cup monitored 70 kilometres of the Upper Tisza to assess waste situation and map hotspots. Findings suggest that some parts of the floodplain are constantly polluted, while others get cleaned by the floods. In the river section between Szatmárcseke and Tiszamogyorós, we updated the online dump map that can be used in August by the competing teams of PLASTIC Cup.

The project was possible by the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary. Further partners: General Directorate of Water Management, Upper-Tisza Water Directorate, National Coordination of Waste Management and Asset Management Plc, Northern Great Plain Environment management Ltd., Municipality of Vásárosnamény, K3&S Ltd, Tisza Ortofém Ltd.

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Short movies from the spot by Filmjungle Society

Daily production (finished bales)

A napi termés.

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2018. február 24.

Baling process

A bálázás.

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2018. február 24.

Live from the forest of Szalka

Bejelentkezés a ‘szalkai erdőből éles bevetésről.

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2018. február 24.

Live from Gergelyiugornya, bridge Rákóczi, loading the previous day collection

Élőben Gergelyiugornyáról a Rákóczi híd mellől, az előző napi zsákmány kiterítése. Ki jön vasárnap? Kéne egy elemes tejhabverő.

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2018. február 23.

Photo: Konyha Miklós


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