The Filmjungle.eu Association is organizing the Upper Tisza Plastic boat waste collection competition for the ninth time. From 31st of July to 8th of August, the event will take place mainly on the border waters with Ukraine, with the Plastic Pirates cleaning the river between Tiszabecs and Városnamény-Gergelyiugornya on their DIY bottle boats. The Plastic Pirates of the Tisza Expedition – who departed from the spring of the Tisza in July - will now join the competition. The expedition crosses the border at Tiszabecs and merges with the teams of the 9th Upper Tisza Plastic Cup.

During the whole competition the participants will camp outdoor, the Pontoon Convoy launched this year will grant more comfort in the nomadic circumstances. The floating facilities offer toilet, shower and a snack bar for those tired of river cleaning. The IX. Upper Tisza Plastic Cup will start with sixteen teams under the patronage of President János Áder and with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM).

Applications for the boat fleet were already filled months ago, moreover this is already the second race organized this summer. In June, with the participation of eleven teams, 5 tonnes of waste were collected by the determined attendees of the II. Tisza-Lake Plastic Cup. Faithful to tradition, the IX. Upper Tisza Plastic Cup is welcoming all those interested, locals and guests who spend their holidays on the Tisza, who wants to get a glimpse of the waste collection movement, and are interested in environmental and nature protection, as well as cultural programs. The teams will build their boats from plastic bottles at the Tiszabecs campsite over the weekend, and then on Monday morning, after the grand opening, the race will begin. In the following days the fleet will always depart from different locations on the route Tiszabecs - Tiszacsécse - Szatmárcseke - Tivadar - Panyola - Vásárosnamény - Gergelyiugornya. On the resting day on Thursday in Tivadar, the teams will have a playful skill competition called the PETathlon, and at the evening campfire they will entertain those interested with the PETaStar competition.

From trash mapping to recycling

The Plastic Cup competitions are linked by year-round programs: river rescue operations are preceded by waste mapping fieldworks, professionals organize awareness-raising and educational lectures and team-building programs, there is continuous experimentation with waste recycling, and researchers are involved into analysing the distribution of plastic pollution. As the waste arrives to Hungary mainly from the upstream countries, in addition to the domestic goals and programs, they are striving to improve the situation in the source region of the Tisza as well. This requires, above all, a change in the attitude of the government and the population there, as well as a positive shift in the waste management system, so that changes can take place at the root of the problem. The Plastic Cup is constantly expanding its international relations in order to reach as many families, schools and professionals as possible with its attitude-forming and professional programs in the entire Tisza river basin district.

From Source to Estuary Expedition

The big Tisza Expedition departed from the source of Tisza in Transcarpathia on the 23rd of July, and will cross the Hungarian border at Tiszabecs, where it will join the fleet of the IX. Upper Tisza Plastic Cup in collecting plastic bottles. On this journey of discovery, Plastic Cup volunteers sail along the river, assessing deposits of river waste. The Hungarian Upper Tisza region is already well known, now they want to get an accurate picture of the pollution of the Ukrainian, Romanian and Serbian sections. The expedition is a particularly important, closing episode of the Clean Water, Happy Tisza project, sponsored by the International Investment Bank (IIB).

As part of the program, the Clean Tisza Map was created, which shows the contaminated areas and the cleaned river sections recorded online during the waste mappings and the competitions as the web interface of the TrashOut mobile application. The trip of Ivánfi Csanád, also known as Csanikapitány, who led the expedition, can be followed from the ship's log on the Plastic Cup’s website and his adventurous experiences can be viewed in video reports on the Platic Cup’s Facebook page. After the race, the expedition continues all the way to the Danube.

The Pontoon Convoy offers comfort along the Tisza sand plains

The organizers of the Plastic Cup have been thinking for years about how to facilitate river cleaning actions, how to provide toilet facilities for river rescuers. There is often a long distance between the well-equipped campsites on the Tisza. The problem was solved with the support of the Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation and the STORQUE experts involved in implementation.

The Pontoon Convoy makes its debut at the IX. Upper Tisza Plastic Cup and the Upper Tisza Diving and Rescue Association will help with its installation. The float, which consists of three interconnected elements, performs different functions on the river. One element serves as the water block, the second functions as a warehouse, and the third is home to a community space. In the latter, participants can even heat food or make coffee. The ships of the convoy can travel with the help of boat engines, also independently if necessary. However, the elements of the ship unit are expected to dock side by side on the shore, making them easily permeable. The construction and design of the elements is similar to catamaran boats, and the structure itself is a unique solution in Hungary: recycling and utilization of Tisza waste plays a role in its design and construction. Recycled plastic was used for the walls separating the showers and for the toilet seats, and the shower curtains were also made of recycled PET bottles. In the future, the organizers will take advantage of the opportunities provided by the convoy not only during the competitions, but also in other river waste collection campaigns.

Without whom the IX. Upper Tisza Plastic Cup would not be possible

AThe event is secured by the boat units of the SONAR Upper Tisza Region Diving and Rescue Association, who have been taking care of the safety of pet pirates since the start of the Plastic Cup in 2013. Water Authorities has also been helping to fight waste since many years. From the waste management aspect, the main professional partner of the event is the Association of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers and the Észak-Alföld Environmental Management Nonprofit Ltd. Thanks to the technical support of Konasoft, a mobile phone application collects all the essential information of the competition for the pet pirates, from registration through the programs to the summery of scores (called PETákolás). The work of the teams is helped by the rapid response waste collection boat called PETII – built with the support of ITM -, which could occasionally take over 1.5-2 tons of bagged waste from the teams on the water as a mother ship. Henkel and Siemens have been partners in river cleaning for many years, and DHL Globál Szállítmányozási Kft. has been assisting the Plastic Cup as logistics partner. The IX.Upper Tisza Plastic Cup is held under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

II. Tisza-tavi PET Kupa záró

⛵ Sikeresen befutott a II. Tisza-tavi kupa összes csapata: 3 vízen töltött nap, 11 csapat és több mint 5 tonna hulladék a verseny mérlege. Nagyon szoros volt a küzdelem, ami végül a KÖTIVIZIG címvédésével zárult. Az Ökosabb csapata nem adta könnyen az első helyet, akik így a második helyezés mellett a Tisza Hőse díját is elnyerték. Harmadik helyen pedig egy újonc csapat, a Decathlon végzett! Köszönjük minden résztvevőnek és önkéntesünknek a munkát! Intenzív és élményekkel teli 4 napot zártunk! 💪♻

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2021. június 15., kedd
II.TIsza-tavi PET Kupa - első nap a vízen

📢A csapataink vízre szálltak és Tiszafüredtől Tiszaszőlősig tisztították a Tiszát és az ártereit! A szakaszról több mint másfél tonna hulladékot emeltek ki, a petkalózok munkáját szúnyogok hada követi szoros emberfogásban. A lelkesedés, a versenyszellem és a csípések száma folyamatosan nő! 🦟⛵️💪

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2021. június 13., vasárnap
II. Tisza-tavi PET Kupa - Építés

Épül a II. Tisza-tavi PET Kupa flottája! ⛵ Tiszafüreden készül 11 csapat a holnapi rajtra, hogy az idei versenyszezon első bevetésén megtisztítsák a Tisza-tó Tiszafüred-Kisköre szakaszát! Pattog a szárazjég, feszül a palack, épülnek a hajók! 💪😎

Közzétette: Pet Kupa – 2021. június 12., szombat


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