The Plastic Cup has won the Ozone Green Award!

The Filmjungle Society – which has been surveying, monitoring and cleaning the protected floodplain forests, the fabulous river walls and the beautiful bays of the Tisza – received a national award for their work in environmental protection.

The Ozone Green Award, founded by the OzoneNetwork TV channel in 2010, was granted this year for the eighth time. The Patron of the ceremony organized in the Akvárium, dr. Gyula Bándi, advocate of future generations and “green deputy ombudsman”, opened the event. In his introductory speech, he stressed that recognising volunteer-based, spontaneously launched activities distinguishes the Ozone Green Award from other honours granted for prominent work in the field of sustainability, environmental protection and nature conservation.

A record number of applications was submitted for the Ozone Green Award

In his introductory words applauding the significance of the award, the chairman of the jury, Dr. András Béres, Deputy Executive of the Hermann Ottó Institute, stated that one of the missions of the Ozone Green Award was to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability. In the past five years, the Award indeed managed to saw the seeds of that sentiment, which was proven by the fact that this year a record number of applications, altogether 68 great works, was submitted.

Photo: Origo

The applicants covered a wide range of topics in their submissions, from electric cars through climate change issues to environmentally aware waste-free travelling and eco-gardening ideas, compelling the jury to choose the best initiatives out of many important and progressive projects. A member of the jury, Zsófia Lakatos, president of the Hungarian Public Relations Association and vice-president of the Budapest Klub Global Executive Council, added that she would have liked to reward all the applicants for their great ideas, and that the jury had a pool of good and even better applications to choose from.

Photo: Csaba Magyar
Photo: Csaba Magyar

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Plastic Cup for a Clean Tisza

The initiative of the Filmjungle Society aims at putting an end to the continuous waste pollution of the Tisza. Only few know that regrettably tens of thousands of tons of waste arrive in Hungary carried by the Tisza. The main reason for that is the underdeveloped state of waste management in Ukraine and Romania, as well as irresponsible environment usage.

Photo: Sándor Szabó

At the beginning of this year’s Plastic Cup 16 ships made of waste set sail near the settlement of Dombrád, and the volunteers and competitors collected more than 8 tons of waste from the live water…

Szabolcs Tóth, the captain of this year's winner team

But in addition to that, there is serious scientific work going on. This enthusiastic team:

  • develops the GPS waste map of the Tisza,
  • organizes round table meetings for the government, civil society and professionals,
  • has started experimenting with aseries of documentaries on environmental problems and their possible solutions,
  • attends events with its educational and awareness-raising exhibition and lecturers,
  • organizes teambuilding events for companies,
  • has measured the amount of microplastic in the Tisza
  • is continuously lobbying and applying for further resources to be able to continue its work.

Photo: Péter Kugler

The team working on saving our beloved Tisza needs you. Sign up and become a sponsor, partner or volunteer.

You can also help our conservationist work with few thousands of Forints.

You can meet the team of the Plastic Cup at the 5. ÖKOINDUSTRIA exhibition in the Hungarian Railway History Park (Vasúttörténeti Park), November 8–10, 2017, where an exhibition, a booth, a round table discussion, a conference talk and nature film screenings will await the visitors.

Gergely Hankó
Plastic Cup project manager
+36 30 314 7550

Even more photos from the Plastic Cup

Further Winners of the Ozone Green Award

The Award was granted this year again in five categories: big companies, SMEs, NGOs, schools and private individuals.

The winners

In the category of big companies (shared prize)

  • - Metropolitan Public Area Maintenance Company: establishing reusing and awareness raising centres in Budapest;
  • - Nissan Sales CEE Ltd: unique energy storing system.

In the category of small and medium-sized companies (shared prize)

  • - Water & Soil Ltd.: invention for revolutionizing irrigation;
  • - Seed Bonbon: “bonbons” with herbs and flower seeds, made from office waste paper.

In the category of NGOs (shared prize)

  • - Plastic Cup: an inspiring environmental protectionist initiative for the Hungarian waters;
  • - Muszáj Természetvédelmi Koordinációs Egyesület (“It is a Must” conservationist association): item borrowing project.

In the category of private individuals

  • - Andrea Tóth: “My Household Without Waste” blog: useful ideas and observations for a greener and more environmentally aware household.

In the category of educational institutions

  • - Tisza-parti Általános Iskola (Elementary School at the Banks of the Tisza): complex programme on environmental education
Kindergartens and schools are the most important corner stones of developing an environmentally aware way of thinking. This elementary school in Szeged framed a programme, which includes: the cultivation of their school garden based on green ideas; having the students create ornaments and jewellery from recyclable materials; and collecting unused story-books and children’s books and sending them to hospitals and welfare institutions.


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